Prayer and Human Destiny

In this painting the Divine Mother is inviting us to connect with the inner meaning and transformative power of the true prayer process. Her message to us is to evolve past the old way of praying into a more awakened and intentional prayer method. This is most powerfully reflected in the Queen of all prayers, […]

Hope and Freedom

In this painting is the Toltec Seer Don Juan, inviting us to drink from the Grail cup of Human Destiny. Don Juan’s mission was to redeem the ancient Toltec teachings1 to their unsullied beauty, but in a way that is relevant to all of humanity at this time. Like a lot of ancient wisdom traditions, […]


Koala Spirit wisdom is speaking to us “now” of the urgent need for humanity to evolve to a new understanding of what caring is. Koala is warning us that our search for “Self”, our ego motivated response to life has been infiltrated and misdirected. The instinctive caring impulse we inherited from our emergence through nature […]

Master of Kinship

“Brotherhood is the knot that binds and the knot that sets us free.” Connecting to this painting of the Wolf Spirit Animal will help us to open our hearts to Kinship & Brotherhood 💙. © 2019 Painting & Artwork by Alison Traynor © 2019 Quote by Gary Collins Sacred Art Inspired by the Spiritual Heart […]

The Call of The White Stag

This painting captures the call of the White Stag; the call to the truth that is coming to humanity at this time of great change and possible transformation. Since ancient times the island of Ireland/ Hibernia facilitated spiritual research to help guide the ego development of the human Being in preparation for the time when […]


In the ancient Vedic culture, Lakshmi is the “Goddess of Abundance”. She is the epitome of the unconditional giving nature of the heart. In this painting she reveals that at our core there is no deficiency and that nothing but abundance exists. The flourishing seeds below her feet are the seeds of our Souls’ knowing […]

The Remembrance

This painting portrays our inner journey towards remembering our unconditional loving nature, the nature of who we really are. In the ancient Vedic culture, Ganesh holds all of the inner wisdom required for this journey towards our true destiny. With his heart aglow Ganesh is communicating that we all have the ability to consciously feel […]

The Victory

In the ancient Vedic culture Hanuman is the penultimate spiritual warrior who has come home to who he truly is, to his Divine Christed Self; called “Rama”. He achieved this Victory through “shraddha” (selfless service to truth). In this painting he resides in the Heart chakra (Anahata) to communicate that his only mission and devotion […]

Archangel Michael & The Path of Human Destiny

Archangel Michael is a defender of the will of God. His mission is to direct us to remember who we really are. His guidance invites us to learn to transform into our true selves. He impulses us to awaken the innate goodness, beauty & splendour that lies within our own hearts. He teaches us that […]

Ardent Heart

Saturn is the Great Lord of Karma & he comes to us in the form of a crow. The crow is showing us that by seeking egoistic powers that we have chained our own inner hearts wisdom. This is the chain of cause & effect which is created when our actions are defined by us […]

Sacred Heart of Sophia

Sophia is the Divine feminine heart wisdom of the human being. She wishes to guide us, as us to our true humanity, to remember who we truly are. This can be achieved only through the human heart. Sophia is holding the key to our Becoming. This is the key of heart science & the awakening […]

Song of the Heart

Deep within our hearts is the Song of our own Becoming. By diving deep into the core of our healed heart nature, the song of the heart will emerge. We will intuitively sing sounds of pure love, compassion, joy, hope & bliss. This sound heals our wounds, our illnesses, all separation & connects us to […]

Jaguar Heart

In Toltec wisdom the Jaguar represents our capacity for ruthless honesty. This heart discipline is necessary if we are to find truth in our hearts. When our Jaguar Heart awakens our self-importance becomes our prey. We can now ruthlessly stalk & release our egoistic pursuit of power aligning our personal power with the true power […]

Resurrected Heart

When we unbendingly seek freedom & truth through the discipline of heart logic our humility leads us into the experience of our pure heart selves. We start to die to our conceptualised sense of self & birth our true spirit selves in the heart. This pure spirit self is the womb within which Christ/love can […]

The Unadulterated Heart of Guan Yin

Guan Yin is a Bodhisattva, known for her compassionate nature. Her heart is pure & unconditional. As a human being she chose the path of enlightenment & through her dedication awakened an Unadulterated Heart. She perceives the cries from the human world & vows to help to free mankind from suffering & guide them towards […]

The Awakening

The meaning of our purpose in life is revealed to us when we connect with the source of our own Being with a sincere open heart. Light comes into our lives when we listen to our own hearts wisdom. Heart wisdom gives us the knowledge to transform our being from the inside out. By surrendering […]

The Way of the Human Heart

This Toltec inspired painting holds the secret of the true nature of the relationship between love & the human being. It invites us to step into the path with heart; to consciously, as free willed individuals, ignite our capacity for heart logic. This heart power leads us into an inwardly objective knowing of our true […]

See in the Light of the Moon

The Moon is a luminary, but she does not emit her own light. Her glow relies upon the light of the Sun which reflects her image to us on earth. The Moon is connected to the female principle of Spirit, to the water element & she governs the realm of the emotions. The Moon’s energy […]