Alison Traynor Ardent Art
Alison Traynor

Ardent Art

Ardent Art is Sacred Art that can help people to awaken to the  beauty of who they really are, to the essence of their humanity. 

Each of the paintings are born out of the practice of Spiritual Heart Science (personal development through accessing spiritual truth through one’s own heart knowing).

Each of my art pieces can communicate and assist the viewer to awaken their own embodied spiritual truths.

I offer my Artworks, and their Spiritual power, to support people in their journey to love & freedom.

All paintings can be seen here. Prints of each painting are available here.

Alison Traynor

In my early 20’s I sought healing for different ailments. This grew into a profound interest in self-healing and personal development. This eventually led me to the study of Spiritual Heart Science at the Jade Sun School. I qualified through the School as a Solar Sound Healer and as a Meditation Facilitator. I practice in Sandycove, South Dublin.  I married Neal in 2004 & together we have two beautiful boys.

Please see thecentreofus.com for details on Solar Sound Healing and Meditation courses.