The Dolphin and The Pearl

The Dolphin and The Pearl

The Dolphin and The Pearl Meaning The Dolphin Spirit is inviting us to heal our relationship with suffering; to evolve through our woes in a way that we no longer need to stay stuck in them. The Dolphin shows us that if we stay stuck in our woes we repeatedly create our lives in the same way that […]

Standing Bare

Standing Bare Meaning Dear Friends, The Spirit Bear is gesturing to us to heal our relationship with power, to learn to stand bare and open to the truth discerning power of the heart. He is showing us that if we choose to do this we will find the correct relationship to our own power which […]



Nurturance Meaning Koala Spirit wisdom is speaking to us “now” of the urgent need for humanity to evolve to a new understanding of what caring is. Koala is warning us that our search for “Self”, our ego motivated response to life has been infiltrated and misdirected. The instinctive caring impulse we inherited from our emergence […]