Guan Yin and Dragon’s Gold

Guan Yin and Dragon's Gold

Guan Yin and Dragon’s Gold Meaning

In ‘Guan Yin and Dragon’s Gold’ the Bodhisattva Guan Yin is encouraging us to heal our relationship with our will power. Our will force is enslaved to our wants and egotistical desires. She beckons us to see that our general way of being mostly serves ourselves. As we seek our sense of self we look for power in the wrong way and feed the many false identities that we have created.

Guan Yin has mastered her will power and has brought it into the service of humanity. Here she brings to light a call to action to commit to living from the true power of the heart, which comes always from love. She is inviting us to align our will with Love’s intent.

As we heal our relationship with our will power we can begin the journey of stepping into true freedom. The Dragon is associated with the correct relationship with our desire nature. As we learn to align our will power with Love our Dragon force will awaken in our minds and this will lead us towards our own Becoming. The Dragon force is mercurial in nature, a clear thinker made possible as its choices are informed by its heart power. Guan Yin’s dragon represents the healed human ego and the beauty and the power that it has to serve life.

Guan Yin holds the ivy leaf symbolic of immortality and eternal love. She guides us to be inspired by the qualities of the evergreen ivy leaf as it grows vivaciously towards the heavens, climbing and moving with great vigour and persistence with its direction continually toward the sunlight.

Guan Yin’s message is that this is to be achieved in the earthly human body. Her physical tai chi posture symbolises the coming together of the heaven and the earth realms. As above, so below. She ushers that your body is a temple to manifest this reality.

As we surrender to this process, the possibility is created for us to allow for the toxic dysfunctional emotions to leave our bodies. The waters of our Being will run clear and they will express themselves in hope for Love to be manifested on this earth and the golden sun of your own Becoming will start to emerge. We can fulfil the destiny that we have been created for ☀️.


Guan Yin and Dragon's Gold

© 2022 Words & Painting Alison Traynor

Inspired by the Heart Science of the Jade Sun School

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