The Dolphin and The Pearl

The Dolphin and The Pearl

The Dolphin and The Pearl Meaning

The Dolphin Spirit is inviting us to heal our relationship with suffering; to evolve through our woes in a way that we no longer need to stay stuck in them.

The Dolphin shows us that if we stay stuck in our woes we repeatedly create our lives in the same way that created the very woes we say we want to be free from.

If we accept the truth of this teaching,  Dolphin will help us see the light in our suffering by showing us how to see our own hand in its creation. Dolphin will then encourage us to withdraw that hand and apply it to the experiencing of our innate beauty. This awakens in us a joy that is completely independent of suffering experiences.

Therefore Dolphin knows the secret that is the correct response to suffering that leads us to the inner joy of our being, which when owned, gives us the ability to dissolve the ways of being that create suffering. This in turn creates joy and beauty in our lives.

This leads to the birth in the heart of the pearl of our own Becoming; the power of the Divine feminine. We learn to swim in the sea of relationship, in the reality of feeling and emotion in such a way that we grow towards freedom and love.

Dolphin medicine is now coming to us because it loves us and serves the brotherhood of all life. It knows intuitively the unique reason behind love choosing to become human. It initiates the human being who opens to it into the grail path of human destiny. Then we as human beings can walk the grail path of our own becoming with beauty, honour and liberty.

Call on Dolphin’s Christed energy to help you awaken your own heart’s remembering; close your eyes, look into the centre of your mind, call the Dolphin Spirit. When it answers, invite it to enter your heart and swim its joy into your emotional being helping you reclaim your childlike remembering of innocence and beauty. Breathe and receive its sharing of true friendship… thanking it when you feel finished 🙏🐬 💟.

The Dolphin and The Pearl

© 2021 Painting by Alison Traynor
© 2022 Written by Gary Collins & Alison Traynor

Inspired by the Heart Science of the Jade Sun School

Prints of this painting are available here