Standing Bare

Standing Bare Meaning

Dear Friends,

The Spirit Bear is gesturing to us to heal our relationship with power, to learn to stand bare and open to the truth discerning power of the heart. He is showing us that if we choose to do this we will find the correct relationship to our own power which will consciously connect us to the power of all life, as all life serves truth.

In other words, Standing Bare will guide us to be able to let go of the twisted, dysfunctional, destructive way of life that we as human beings have created out of our incorrect understanding of power. This incorrect understanding was born out of the desire to find ourselves outside of our ability to discern truth.

The blessing that Standing Bare is offering in his gesture is to invite the human being to go to the place inside themselves that holds the power of truth discernment. This place is the core of the human heart itself and it sets us free to align our power with its source, the power of love.

Standing Bare is wisdom, humility and authority, a synthesis of being, created by living from the heart truth of life initiating the human soul into the reality of Love. This is the only real power, the true power behind all life and is awakening in humanity to bring heaven to the earth.

This is Standing Bare’s message.

To receive the blessing and power of this message and awaken it in the part of you that knows it:

Stand tall, ground, gently breathe into your heart and connect with Standing Bare and let him help you find that power in your own heart.

Standing Bare

© 2020 Painting & Artwork by Alison Traynor
© 2022 Written by Gary Collins & Alison Traynor
Sacred Art Inspired by the Spiritual Heart Science of The Jade Sun School

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