Prayer and Human Destiny

Prayer and Human Destiny

Prayer and Human Destiny Meaning

In ‘Prayer and Human Destiny’ the Divine Mother is inviting us to connect with the inner meaning and transformative power of the true prayer process. Her message to us is to evolve past the old way of praying into a more awakened and intentional prayer method.

This is most powerfully reflected in the Queen of all prayers, The Rosary. This prayer is literally rooted in the understanding of why love became human. So, the person who prays must cognitively study and awaken the deep personal understanding of the inner meaning of the rose path. She teaches us, if we have ears to listen, that the inner opening of our own hearts to the truth, is the unfoldment of the inner rose of our own Being.

This experience awakens in the human Being its innate pure desire nature to give itself to the will of the Father (Our Father). Therefore, it helps us to self-reveal in our own Being the truth of Christ’s sacrifice at Golgotha. If we pray with this selfless intent of learning to sacrifice our personal selves to the love and intelligence that became us, we will be redeemed and resurrected into eternal joy and love.

The blessing of choosing to accept her invitation will spill out of our Being into the world, into our bodies, into the earth and we will fulfil the destiny of being human and bring heaven to earth. The powers of forgiveness, healing and protection will enter into the embodied human experience. She is urging us to call her; our true Mother (Hail Mary), so she can help us learn to unfold the true path of caring, now, at this turning point of the human experience.

Please be clear that is only through her grace and the place in our hearts, where she exists within us, that we can learn to cultivate the pearl of our own Becoming. At the centre of the rose of your own heart opening is the pearl of knowing that you are truly the fruit of her womb and a blessing to life. Let us have the courage to let her in so she can awaken within us; then we can become one with Christ.

Prayer and Human Destiny

© 2020 Painting & Artwork by Alison Traynor
© 2020 Written by Gary Collins & Alison Traynor
Sacred Art Inspired by the Spiritual Heart Science of The Jade Sun School

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