Hope and Freedom

Hope and Freedom

Hope and Freedom Meaning

In ‘Hope and Freedom’ is the Toltec Seer Don Juan, inviting us to drink from the Grail cup of Human Destiny. Don Juan’s mission was to redeem the ancient Toltec teachings1 to their unsullied beauty, but in a way that is relevant to all of humanity at this time.

Like a lot of ancient wisdom traditions, Toltec spirituality was infiltrated by the awakening egoistic false individualism of the human being, and the dark adversarial consciousness that links to humans through their self-importance.

Through his impeccable Warriorship he crafted a modern understanding of the “true path with Heart”. With his adherence to ruthless honesty2 he freed his egoic sense of self from all self-importance leading him to a direct encounter with the Spirit World and the benevolent intelligence behind all of life.

With relentless humility he pursued his research into the relationship between Spirit and the human being specifically. To his surprise he found himself at the foot of the Hill of Golgotha witnessing that event and its true meaning with his spiritual eyes.

The consequences of this experience led him to commit with unbending intent to seeking the living Christ Spirit, the love that had become human, to show humans that their destiny is to become Love.

The Grail cup holds the secret of the way to love and freedom. It holds the codes of the Grail path that Don Juan discovered through Heart Science (heart logic). Now Don Juan offers this teaching of the Holy Grail to bring the possibility of hope and freedom to those who are willing to listen.


1) The Toltec peoples were an Ancient South American civilization who in their early existence reached a high level of Spiritual understanding. Particularly in their knowing of the relationship between the Sun and Earth.

They emphasized the importance of the “Dreaming body”, being the origin of the genesis of the human beings’ experience of the life process. Where we dream from is where we manifest our reality from. The focus then was on collective dreaming practices that ushered in an age of wisdom and enlightenment.

However, with the inevitable movement toward egoic individual consciousness the beehive instinctive Seership receded and the original sacrificial practices deteriorated into power, control-based sorcery.

Now Don Juan has restored the Original Toltec Grail Wisdom through the correction of Egoic development, declaring now that to be a Toltec is to be a “Truth Seeker”!

2) Suddenly the Human I allows itself to see the lie that is at the heart of how people relate to themselves and others; Soul pain arises and with it the desire to be free of this pain. It is here that the questions begin, “how can I get out of this way of being?”

The sincerity of the question is received in the place in the heart that the sudden awakening came from. This place responds in such a way that the questioner experiences this inner heart as something innate and free within its own being. This pure heart experience feeds the awareness of the person, revealing that possibility that brings hope and freedom.

This possibility is that “I“ can, from this place inside me, find my own answers. This independent reference for truth discernment arrives from the heart into the mind of such a person as “Ruthless honesty“; Crow/Raven consciousness.

Now the apprenticeship can begin. 🙏

Hope and Freedom

© 2020 Painting & Artwork by Alison Traynor
© 2020 Written by Gary Collins & Alison Traynor
Sacred Art Inspired by the Spiritual Heart Science of The Jade Sun School

Prints of this painting are available here.