Nurturance Meaning

Koala Spirit wisdom is speaking to us “now” of the urgent need for humanity to evolve to a new understanding of what caring is. Koala is warning us that our search for “Self”, our ego motivated response to life has been infiltrated and misdirected. The instinctive caring impulse we inherited from our emergence through nature is now severely contaminated by our egotistical false sense of self.

As a result our ways of caring are separatist, arrogant and no longer connected to the “web of life” or the intelligence that guides life’s evolution. The consequences of this are plain to see. Nature and humanity are suffering greatly because of how we care; how we are entrenched in the lie of “me and mine”.

If we have the humility to acknowledge that we don’t know where to care from, Koala Spirit offers its medicine – the most powerful medicine of “Nurturance”. Koala has the ability as a nocturnal animal to enter darkness and in this experience of darkness found its way to who it is. Koala’s courage of heart allows it to open to the experience of what darkness is. Koala discovered warmth and true caring at the heart of the darkness. From this nurtured place Koala learnt how to be.

Koala’s secret is to grow from the truth that we live in a web of “nurturance” and that this nurturance comes from the ultimate “Carer”, the intelligence of life itself. Koala learnt what “true caring” means. This Koala medicine heals the heart and teaches the mind. Koala offers to share this medicine now, to help human hearts and minds come together in “true caring”.

Koala invites us to go there now at these dark destructive times. It invites us to be courageous, to enter the “darkness of our hearts” and find there, the source of nurturance within ourselves.

Koala uses this medicine to embrace life and all its challenges. Koala is renowned for surviving by sourcing its food/nurturance in the leaves of the eucalyptus tree. These leaves are extremely poisonous to most other life forms. Koala secret is alchemical. He knows how to transform the toxins into nourishment and be totally self-sustaining.

We too, by letting the Koala help us move to “nurturance”, can digest the toxic feelings and thoughts of humanity and change our destructive ways of caring. We can stop destroying nature and the Koala’s homeland. Koala Spirit offers the “Heartway” of nurturance and support and the transformative power of true caring. Call on the Koala now to have to the courage to care.


© 2020 Painting & Artwork by Alison Traynor
© 2020 Written by Gary Collins & Alison Traynor
Sacred Art Inspired by the Spiritual Heart Science of The Jade Sun School

Prints of this painting are available here.