The Call of The White Stag

The Call of the White Stag

The Call of The White Stag Meaning

This painting captures the Call of the White Stag; the call to the truth that is coming to humanity at this time of great change and possible transformation. Since ancient times the island of Ireland/ Hibernia facilitated spiritual research to help guide the ego development of the human Being in preparation for the time when love will come to redeem humanity from its long journey of separation, pain & suffering.

If you connect with the painting you will feel the White Stag calling you to the memory of what you are. The bell represents the silent sound of Love’s call, that can only be heard by the heart. It calls us to clearly see the choice that is confronting us at this time.

The skulls represent the consequence of choosing the path of false individualism. This lie of self- determination, outside of Love’s embrace, leads us to the wrong relationship with death & therefore condemns the human experience to suffering, loss & hopelessness.

The gravestone shows the White Stag’s influence changing our perception of death. The crown of thorns transforms into roses as our perceptions of life & death becomes healed. The blue roses growing out of the earth represents the effect of this healing on our sense of selves, stimulating our remembering of our Being as Spiritual & indestructible. This awakens real hope, inviting us to embrace what death truly means, so that we can open & be born to the resurrecting power of love.

The burning cross represents the human journey becoming inflamed as the human Being dies to love & bringing the rule of heaven to earth.

These times are here now & the White Stag as the representative of the healed ego of humanity is calling us to our true identity. By training to open our hearts, we will awaken to ourselves as innately compassionate Beings, hearing the call of love. By following this call, we will reveal to ourselves the depth of what it means to be human. We experience, in a self- revealed way, that love as Christ became human & that we as humans, are here to become Christed as love.

This is the inner meaning of the Ancient Mystery of Hibernia as revealed through the Heart Science Teachings of the Jade Sun School.

The Call of the White Stag

© 2018 Painting & Artwork by Alison Traynor
© 2019 Written by Gary Collins  & Alison Traynor
Sacred Art Inspired by the Spiritual Heart Science of The Jade Sun School

Prints of this painting are available here.