Gratitude Meaning

In the ancient Vedic culture, Lakshmi is the “Goddess of Abundance”. She is the epitome of the unconditional giving nature of the heart. In this painting she reveals that at our core there is no deficiency and that nothing but abundance exists. The flourishing seeds below her feet are the seeds of our Souls’ knowing of this truth and Lakshmi is showing us how to fertilize these seeds so that we can manifest their abundance.

She is calling upon us to open to the wisdom of our hearts to see how we use the lie that “the world is against us” to legitimise dominating life, consuming it. Here we get caught in the lie of greed which leads us only to poverty of Heart, Mind, Body and Soul.

This way of perceiving is blind to the love that is all around us, to the love that created us. We become stuck in the illusion of scarcity and lack. We need to see that we are trading in the joy of life, abandoning becoming who we really are for greed and materialism.

Her Owl companion sits upon her arm because she is inviting us to navigate the darkness attached to this reality view. She is inviting us to engage the false sense of self that we have created with eyes of truth so that we can heal this division. Her guidance is to shine the light of our hearts into all that we have kept hidden from ourselves by consciously feeling and penetrating into our selfish egoistic wants and desires.

Our Souls’ will reap their true birth right and entitlement as the power of Gratitude is awakened within. As we respond to life from this place of Gratitude, only then will we feel the reality of the abundance of life within our hearts. Lakshmi’s jewels and coins symbolize these inner riches; our true wealth, fortune and prosperity. We recognize the love and wonder that is all around us and the love and beauty that is within us. We will know that life is innately benevolent. This in turn provides us with the feeling of security and safety, allowing us to accept the Gift of life and receive all of what we need to become who we are, giving ourselves to what we receive.

Like Lakshmi’s Lotus we will have arisen from the mud and darkness into the light so we can blossom into Divine love and resurrect who we truly are.


© 2018 Painting & Artwork by Alison Traynor
© 2018 Written by Gary Collins & Alison Traynor
Sacred Art Inspired by the Spiritual Heart Science of The Jade Sun School

Prints of this painting are available here.