The Victory

The Victory

The Victory Meaning

In the ancient Vedic culture Hanuman is the penultimate spiritual warrior who has come home to who he truly is, to his Divine Christed Self; called “Rama”. He achieved this Victory through “shraddha” (selfless service to truth).

In ‘The Victory’ he resides in the Heart chakra (Anahata) to communicate that his only mission and devotion is to serve love; the light of who we truly are. He poses on bended knee within the Heart chakra as he invites us to see that it is our humility that is the key power with which we can defeat selfishness achieving the victory of freedom and love.

Hanuman through his humility forges his Divine weapon; the harpoon which he holds. This harpoon is the result of the repeated discipline of the practice of humility. It transforms Hanuman’s will power into the unbending intention to serve love.

This unbending intention as the Divine harpoon, hunts out false images, delusions, false desires, conditional beliefs, habits and patterns that hinder us and slays the way of running energy within us that created them. It will conquer all within us that creates suffering by piercing through and reclaiming the selfish way of being that binds us to darkness.

Hanuman is all heart and he is showing us that if we choose the path of sincerity of heart, we too can manifest this Divine weapon in our Being, leading us to truth, freedom, beauty, joy and love.

Hanuman’s singing bowl represents our power of manifestation. By giving our creative Being/voice to the rhythm and harmony of who we truly are, our true hearts’ desire is achieved. Our hearts will sing in freedom and our vibration and voice will sound out love to all.

The Victory

© 2017 Painting & Artwork by Alison Traynor
© 2018 Written by Alison Traynor & Gary Collins – Sacred Art Inspired by the Spiritual Heart Science of The Jade Sun School

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