The Way of the Human Heart

The Way of the Human Heart

The Way of the Human Heart Meaning

This Toltec inspired painting ‘The Way of the Human Heartholds the secret of the true nature of the relationship between love & the human being. It invites us to step into the path with heart; to consciously, as free willed individuals, ignite our capacity for heart logic.

This heart power leads us into an inwardly objective knowing of our true luminous selves. The luminous self will awaken in us the memory of why love became us. We will intimately encounter love & receive the inner meaning & liberating truth behind loves’ sacrificial intent. Our destiny & purpose presents itself to us beyond a shadow of a doubt.

The Way of the Human Heart

© 2015 Painting & Artwork by Alison Traynor
© 2016 Written by Alison Traynor & Gary Collins – Sacred Art Inspired by the Spiritual Heart Science of The Jade Sun School

Prints of this painting are available here.