Sacred Heart of Sophia

Sophia is the Divine feminine heart wisdom of the human being. She wishes to guide us, as us to our true humanity, to remember who we truly are. This can be achieved only through the human heart. Sophia is holding the key to our Becoming. This is the key of heart science & the awakening of the true purpose of our emotional being.

She teaches us to consciously feel so that we can penetrate through our woundedness into the experience of what our heart self really is; pure unconditional compassion. When we are consciously informed from this place of feeling we can heal & transform our woundedness & darkness. We can ignite the flame of our own Sacred Heart.

© 2016 Painting & Artwork by Alison Traynor
© 2016 Written by Alison Traynor & Gary Collins – Sacred Art Inspired by the Spiritual Heart Science of The Jade Sun School

Prints of this painting are available here.