Ardent Heart

Saturn is the Great Lord of Karma & he comes to us in the form of a crow. The crow is showing us that by seeking egoistic powers that we have chained our own inner hearts wisdom. This is the chain of cause & effect which is created when our actions are defined by us seeking ourselves outside of who we truly are.

Our karma will reflect this to us. It shows us that such powers are false & not in alignment with our true nature. Our hearts will only be free of this chain when we choose to consciously surrender to our true nature; love! Saturn serves loves great purpose & shows us that we need to grow an Ardent Heart & utilise our karma in all aspects of our life as a means to find freedom & joy!

© 2014 Painting & Artwork by Alison Traynor
© 2016 Written by Alison Traynor & Gary Collins – Sacred Art Inspired by the Spiritual Heart Science of The Jade Sun School

Prints of this painting are available here.